Electro Stunning

  • EFA VBE Basic Stun transformer Electric

    EFA VBE Basic

    Stun transformer Electric

    • Very easy installation and operation
    • 6 preset programs
    • Adapt to different power grids
    • CE conformity 

  • EFA VBE 6 M Mobile stunning transformer Electric

    EFA VBE 6 M

    Mobile stunning transformer Electric

    • Mobile and battery-powered stunning transformer
    • 8 preset programs for pigs and sheep
    • Fast killing program for plague cases
    • Very easy installation and operation
    • Optimum adjustment of the stunning through setting options
      different parameters
    • Parameter settings can be saved
    • Registration and storage of up to 100,000 stunning processes
    • PC configurable
    • Adapt to different power grids  

  • VBE 6 Electronic Stunner

    VBE 6

    Electronic Stunner

    • Very easy installation and handling
    • Optimal adaption of stunning force due to several adjustable options
    • Storable adjustments
    • Memory space for up to 100.000 stunns
    • PC configurable
    • Adjustable to all national grids


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